Dreamer of Weals // Abhra Ghosal


For a while just look at the sky and feel the joy of the blue…

No need to crook one’s mind and no need to hide inward trues.

If one thinks this whole world is a prison to all the immorals…

And if one considers the race as a formless noun without formal morals…

Then really my dear friend I will try to recall once again,

The silent steepless procession of peace and will find ways to heaven.

A heaven where my brothers live with tranquility and sisters feel  secured…

A heaven of only mothers’ offsprings, a heaven with zero obscures.

Concept of fragmentation should be removed only by the mankind,

And pride of fake freaky minds should be uprooted from the mine.

My friend we two are not the entire world which will only sing lonely the verses of parity,

All my kind mothers and all my patient fathers and all my dear lovers someday will sing lines about equality.

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